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Welcome to the Geology Forum. We created this website to give all who are enthusiastic in Geology a place to be able to read stories that inspire them to explore further week by week month by month.


Our first trip was to a place in america we’re we was hoping to find some minerals for further research. The whole operation was one that was meant to be relatively secure. We flew out to a small town in the Texas area. The lead man met us at the airport, he looked very professional with his lanyard  and personalised lanyard along with his id card.


At this point the level of organization made us realise the job in hand was not only important but also quite reclusive. We travelled via taxi to a building that seemed to have again a high level of security. They were using a Paxton access control system therefore upon arrival we needed to take a photo of ourselves and have ID cards and key fob assigned to us. This allowed us then to freely move around the building.


It was an impressive set up with laboratories with some of the latest and most expensive pieces of kit. The reason for this exploration was due to natural hazards. This natural hazard meant the process needed to be sped up and the purposed items removed quickly.


The method of Geology that we used was Hydrocarbon exploration. We used this method as we were looking for fossil fuels. This visit was a success we managed to find the perfect thing we were looking for.


When we release the forum section of the website we will disclose the full findings. Please contact us via the contact form if you would more information on our new forum along with chances to win exclusive trips around the world.